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Aprila partners with the Visma company Presis Utleie AS

Kjetil S. Barli

Presis Utleie AS, a Visma company, has developed a digital platform for home rental and home rental administration. Through Presis Utleie, landlords can reduce their time spent on managing tenants while at the same time ensuring predictable income. Aprila will offer deposit accounts and invoice factoring through the platform. 

The offering combines Presis’ digital home rental platform with Aprila’s seamless and digital financing offerings to create a complete tool for home rental administration, where Aprila’s invoice factoring offering will ensure that landlords get paid on time. 

Visma is committed to develop innovative new software solutions to digitize and transform the real estate industry, and we look forward to launching this new platform, and to further evolve our partnership with Aprila, says Eivind Gundersen, Division Director Visma.  

The platform is expected to be launched during Q1 21. 

“We are excited to enter into this partnership with Presis Utleie and to establish a new distribution platform for our seamless and automated financing offerings. The solution builds on the technology behind Aprila’s spot factoring, and we are excited to develop a new channel for this product,” says Halvor Lande, CEO of Aprila. 


Contact person Aprila Bank ASA: 
Halvor S Lande 
+47 924 32 305 
Contact person Presis Utleie AS: 
Eivind Gundersen 
Division Director Visma 
+47 932 17 677