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A mix of Vipps and Klarna for companies

Bendik Danielsen

The goal is for companies to be able to pay with Aprila everywhere

The online newspaper Shifter has an article about Aprila today, as we make it easier for small businesses to pay for goods and services. Until now, we have launched the financing products Aprila Spot Factoring and Aprila Credit Line for businesses - now we're ready for payment services. Israr Khan, Product & Technology Director, tells Shifter "The goal is for businesses to be able to pay with Aprila everywhere".


Part of Orbit's payment card


As an API bank, we make it possible for other service providers to enrich their own value proposition. By integrating Aprila's payment and financing into the primary service, end-to-end customer experiences are enabled. Orbit, which is developing a new business model for the utilization and use of office space, is the first payment partner. Orbit provides a subscription service where companies have access to a network of office space. The access card for the various locations will also function as a payment card, where Aprila offers banking and credit services.


Strategic milestone


With this launch, Aprila will be a mix of Vipps and Klarna for companies. In order to measure up to these actors, there is of course a lot of work ahead of us. Khan says that they are working with possible partners among payment companies and online stores. There are also dialogue with large stores that have their own checkout solution, as the solution also works in-store.

You can read the entire Shifter article here (Norwegian)