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Storebrand cooperates with Aprila Bank

Bendik Danielsen

Storebrand and Aprila

The service will gradually be rolled out to Storebrand's small and medium-sized business customers through their digital corporate portal. “These are extraordinary times, and we want to help keep the wheels rolling so that more small and medium-sized customers get through this crisis. Several companies are in acute need of liquidity right now, and cannot wait much longer, says Terje Løken, Executive Vice President for Digital & Innovation at Storebrand.

The credit facility now on offer is very flexible. The process of establishing a customer relationship takes only a few minutes, and the credit may be available to the company as early as the next business day. It is completely free of charge to have the credit available, free of fixed costs, fees and pledges. Customers pay only for what they use at all times.

- There are about 200,000 companies in Norway with between 1 and 99 employees, and these are generally under-served by banks and other financing providers. At the same time, these companies are the backbone of society, and this is where jobs of the future are created. They need better and more accessible financing offers, and we will contribute with Aprila credit, says Halvor Lande, CEO of Aprila Bank.

- Aprila's digital processes mean that decisions are made in minutes rather than weeks. We are very pleased to be able to offer such simple and readily available financing during these times, where a person working from home can obtain a business credit line that can be made available on the same day at best. Customers are given access to credit completely free of charge, and pay only for credit used, Halvor adds.

For Storebrand, the collaboration means an expansion of the offering to SME customers

- Aprila has an exciting strategy and business model. This collaboration enables us to become a more competitive player in fulfilling the needs of the smaller companies, Løken continues

About Aprila


Aprila Bank is an independent, digital bank for financing small and medium-sized businesses, based on own technology, data and prediction models and a distribution strategy where the products are mainly integrated into established business systems that companies already use.

Financing products are easy to understand and use and are easily accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.

Aprila is integrated into online accounting systems used by 130,000 Norwegian companies. Self-service and digital solutions mean that Aprila can welcome even the smallest businesses with open arms.

For more information, please contact:

Halvor S Lande, CEO Aprila Bank ASA
tel: +47 92 43 23 05